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Typical digital marketing assignments


Our projects always have two things in common: They involve marketing across borders and a digital-first approach. Beyond that, common requests include helping a CEO or brand manager to create a more cohesive online brand presence and to structure their efforts to build brand equity and audience across multiple markets. 

Typically we’re called in before the ad agency to define the optimal position for the brand in the local market and to develop a digital strategy (including content and social strategies) and tactical plan to achieve it. At the same time, we work with the brand on a global level to craft a universal brand story and set of values. The aim is one brand identity that resonates globally combined with positioning and tactics that address the unique target mindset and competitive environment found in each country.

To date, we have helped launch or reposition brands in over 45 different countries around the world. This includes work with startups and regional brands as well as global leaders like GlaxoSmithKline, Absolut, The United Nations, Sony, Pepsico, Volvo and IKEA. 
  • BRAND - Many of the problems brands face online actually originate in their brand strategy. 
    • Brand Creation & Positioning
      This may be for a start up company or a new brand of an existing company.  
    • Brand Articulation
      The brand exists, but has never been adequately defined in words in a way that resonates with employees or customers. 
    • Brand Strategy
      The brand exists but is not actively developed to increase brand equity.
    • Market Investigations
      The first step for most of our projects. We use desk-top research, in-depth interviews, focus groups and surveys to mine actionable insights.
  • WEB - 
    • Web Presence Optimization
      Today brands are expected to have a globally integrated web presence beyond their web site. We create a coordinated presence that is run locally but controlled centrally.   
    • Website Development and Management
      The role of branded web sites has changed dramatically in recent years. We consider the brand's web site the hub of the brand's digital universe and help design and manage it accordingly.     
    • Online Content Strategies
      At the heart of developing a strong online audience is providing content that is relevant to them. We help map personas and their content needs across the buying cycle 
    • Social Media Strategies
      We build a social media presence for clients that is centrally monitored, locally run, and fully integrated with brand strategy.
    • Social Media Management & Training
      We train clients to run their own social media programs. Alternatively, we can manage parts or all of the program for them. 
    • Local Adaptation & Management
      We provide a turnkey solution for rolling out centrally produced content and campaigns across multiple markets. It includes managing local language adaptation, production and media. 

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